The recording industry is broken

Welcome to Metaverve 👋

For years, little known but nonetheless amazing musicians have been screwed up by the music industry. We are changing that.

Usually, as a up-and-coming jazz musician you would put your life's work into CDs which meant paying for everything: other musicians, the studio, the cover art, expenses.

Then, you would work hard to find a record label which would print copies of your records, just to be forced to buy 500, or in some cases even 1,000 copies of your own CD at a discounted rate.

Basically, you were the only one to risk your money. After all of this, you would proceed to sell your CDs for $10. But, here's the thing: nobody buys them anymore. With Spotify and the likes, music has become a commodity.

The cd format is also outdated and very boring: while live performances should be “in the moment” and affected by drama, recordings should be "perfect".

Moreover, jazz has always been a music of change and innovation, and we think composability will play a huge part in this. This will allow anyone to experiment with art that's already out there.

What if we can restore music original value?
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