A web3 jazz record label

F**k the jazz police!ยก

Welcome to Metaverve! ๐Ÿ‘‹

For years, little-known but nonetheless amazing musicians have been screwed up by the music industry. We are changing that. No middlemen required.

The Metaverve way

Our key values

Little-known musicians

We strive to get more exposure for little-known, amazing artists. NFT value will likely increase as these artists do get more and more stage time.

Rare, unique tracks

We only focus on publishing music that was not published before, ever! Unique pieces, exclusive demos & outtakes!

No middleman

Music from artists, to you. No agents, no record stores, no middlemen, no barriers.

Rapid release

Music will be released faster and rapidly instilled to your ears. Listen to it right in your wallet.


CDs get lost and forgot, music gets old. Through NFTs, this music will always be current, and available.


In the near future, composability will allow anyone to take existing NFTs and adapt or build on top of them.